PC Cleaning Solutions LTD

Hello and Welcome to PC Cleaning Solutions LTD’s. I’m a PC cleaning company base in Helensburgh Scotland.

Got a dusty and dirty in your computer or console. No problem I’ll clean it out.

Your computer got loads of junk files taking up space. It’s OK I’ll remove them for you.

You think your PC has viruses. That’s fine I’ll check it for you.

Need an upgrade cause your computer is running slow. OK I’ll upgrade it for you.

I work on all sizes of desktops from the small ITX to the full ATX cases.

I got this old intel duo core pc which had a bit of dirt and dust in it.  I cleaned out the dust of the case and then upgraded the processor heatsink and changed the thermal paste, gave it a new power supply unit, graphic card and hard drive and installed windows 10 and it works nicely has a web browser

This is my own pc.  It is an upgrade from my last pc and cleaned every month as it is a dust magnet.  I also cable managed this pc to hide them out of sight, so it is easy for me to get into my pc and to the hard drives.  I use an all in one liquid cooler to control the temperature better than it’s stock cooler.

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