Our Services

I have lots of services that I can provide.

 I also offer a free diagnosis of all computers to try and give you the best option.

I accept cash, card and paypal

Hardware Cleaning prices

What each service all about?

Hardware cleaning

Cable Management
Rearranging and organize your computer cables so they are out of sight.

New thermal paste
Removing, cleaning off the old paste and reapply new paste for better connect between the heatsink and processor.

Case, filters and fans
Cleaning the case, it’s filters and the fans that have been installed in the case to allow better airflow and help with tempertures.

Cleaning the heatsink/watercooler
Cleaning the dust off the heatsinks/watercooler to keep tempertures low.

Clean laptop
Cleaning out the dust that has built up between the fan and the heatsink laptop and changing the thermal paste to allow better tranfer of heat.

Money saving services

Software update and clean up
Updating your software and driver and cleaning up the software removing junk files and improving software stability.

CPU and GPU clean and paste
Cleaning and repasting both the CPU and GPU.

Full system clean
Fully cleaning out your system and repaste for CPU and GPU as well as cable manage you case.

Opening up your console and clean out the dust that has built on the heatsink that makes the console sound like a jet engine also change the thermal paste. Will also be tested to ensure that it has stopped making the noise and doesn’t get too hot.

Part System Clean
Cleaning out the dust and dirt of your case, off your filters, fans, and heatsinks for both CPU and GPU as well as cable manage you case.

Software and Firmware Services

Bios Update
Updating your bios allowing for a more stable system, there is a risk of motherboard breaking but that rarely happens only when there is a loss of power

Software updates and clean up.
Updatong your system’s software and drivers, improving the security, compatibility and performance.

Cleaning up your software by removing junk files and defragging your hard drives

Virus and malware removal
Removing any virus and malware that as managed to get on to your system

Windows 10 installer plus key

Creating a windows 10 installer USB and order key to activate your Windows software so you can do all this yourself if you feel confident.

Windows 10 install plus updates

Installing windows 10 and activate it if you have your own key and update your PC for both software and drivers.

Custom built Computer

Custom build

I’ll build a computer based on your budget and what you desire to use it up plus the building fee of £65. The parts will vary from person to person and you’ll have a list of case to pick from that fit within your budget

We can also pickup and dropoff your pc for £5.